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Scales Conservation Fund NPC

Scales Conservation Fund (NPC) is dedicated to supporting ethical conservation practices and wildlife organisations. It is a means in which to assist conservation based non-profit organisations in continuing their critical work through the provision of funding.

Scales Conservation Fund is supported by SCF Volunteers as well as from funds acquired through private and corporate donations, symbolic adoptionssponsorship and events. With your help, SCF will be able to make an even greater difference to the non-profit wildlife and conservation organisations operating tirelessly to save Africa's threatened wildlife.

How can you do this? You can Donate; either to the Scales Conservation Fund which is distributed to our beneficiaries and projects every quarter; or to a specific project or initiative with the peace of mind that your donation will reach your intended destination.

You don't just have to donate money to make a difference! There are many other ways you can donate; donate your time, hold a fundraiser, volunteer or enter a Scales Conservation Fund Event. Book your next volunteering adventure through SCF Volunteers or just by spreading the word, awareness is key!



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