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With the high level of technological advancement, there is an increase demand of futuristic education in Maths and Science, South Africa being one of the countries that has crisis in these subjects with a high failure rate, we have identified a need for the learners to be assisted through addittional teaching and learning of these subjects. Therefore, Maths and Science Holiday Program will assist under-priviledge targeted Grade 11 and 12 learners with maths and science tutorials, quality study material and study skills. 

ScienceCEO Academy is a non-profit organisation which was conceptualised and began it activities in 2010 in KwaZulu Natal. The principal aim of the academy is to increase the number of matriculants who qualify to study degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). In the past years we have developed to be a leading change agent in maths and science education which attributed to having good systems, top teachers and academic intervention programs that yield good results. This has been made possible through offering the following services (maths and science tutorials, e-learning, coaching on study skills/mentorship, career guidance and tertiary readiness workshop. 

Through School Engagement in the past years, we have observed and identified that learners in the under-priviledge communities are highly capable of exceling in maths and science education with proper assistance and guidance, however, due to lack of appropriate resources tehy lack the quality results needed to further their studies in STEM. 

We aim to offer Maths and Science Holiday Program to 5 Schools within ILembe District in KwaZulu Natal. ILembe District is largely rural. This requires that we provide human resources (top teachers) which we have to a stipend to, learning material which has to be printed and assistance of transportation of teachers and the team. 

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