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Second Chance Trust educates children and youth on the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse and empowers them with the knowledge and skills to make healty life choices. It also facilitates interventions that promote healing and growth in victims of social issues such as rape, HIV, abuse and gangsterism - which are often directly or indirectly associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

The Trust has a solid reputation for delivering appropriate, innovative and impactful programs. It works extensively with schools and partnering organisations that focus on children, youth and adults whose lives have been affected - directly or indirectly - through substance abuse. Since 2012, over 270 000 children, youth and adults have benefited through Second Chance Trust programs.

The Trust works with young people from all social backrounds but has a primary interest in low income communities where children and youth are particularly vulnerable to substance abuse due to early and ongoing exposure to extreme poverty, violence and crime. These young people are less like to have access to social support services and more likely to use alcohol and drugs to escape the hardship otheir lives. 


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R 9 959.39

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R 105 000.00

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I hope this helps
Bless you
Deidre & William
To a great cause! Well done Jarryd and team for doing this special work. You are awesome
Thanks and good luck with the wonderfull work you guys are doing.
Ashley Uys
Keeping fingers crossed for this initiative
Eric Grothjan
In loving memory of my son Eric??
Cindy Buske
I am proud to support this hugely valuable campaign
Bruce & Belinda
Great initiative Jarryd, keep up the good work!
Vanya Stoimenova
Thank you for all you do, you guys are absolutely awesome and a real blessing!

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