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My father death in england Campaign

Good day every one my name is Sebastian Green a talented singer and hair stylist born in South Africa immigrated to the UK when i was young my mother passed away when i was 18 life happened I'm now 40 yrs old moved back to South Africa over 10 yrs ago I'm currently unemployed but actively looking for work on Sunday the 4th of Feb 2024 I recieved a call from the British police informing me that my father has passed away he was all alone leaving my self and younger sister we have no one to help or assist although I am asking everyone I know for assistance but having no luck I'd like to be there to arrange his affairs it's he also might have left a policy or something to that effect but I never asked as I would rather have him back than all the money in the world but if he has left us something I don't want someone to manipulate and take it from us as its different countriesĀ  and to collect some sentimental things he kept from my mother and himself I need the money to organise my British passport and the cheapest flight if there is some one out there who can assist I promise to one day some how make it up to u thank u and God blessĀ 


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