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Seeds of Faith is a non-profit/ non-governmental organisation founded in 2015. The organisation is a well round organisation based on six pillars namely: God, Family, Society, Education, Culture and Outreach. Seeds of Faith has orphanages all over South Africa and has been actively involved in growing societies around the country. Seeds of Faith has conferences where conflicts in families and societies, abuse, education, culture and different other subjects are discussed. Seeds of Faith has also helped young people go to school, get their own jobs and start their own businesses.


Seeds of Faith recognises God above all other things. Seeds of Faith aims to improve  relations between families and create a loving family for those without. Seeds of Faith encourages young individuals to be educated and used the education to better the societies they come from. Seeds of Faith encourages the young and the old to be actively involved in society by lending a helping hand to those that need it. Seeds of faith recognise the different culture around the world and accommodate as well as enhance the beauty thereof.


Seeds of Faith enables faith in every household and helps young people reach the unlimited opportunities in life. By lending a help where the organisation can, it has helped resolve family matters, give free counselling and pay for education of the needy. Seeds of Faith seeks to put food on tables and clothes on backs. Seeds of Faith seeks to provide comfort for those in need.

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