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Serame Foundation NPC

As an organisation, we strongly believe in transformation, assisting the community to correct the social ills created by the previous regime. Wherein most families are broken and some parents work long hours or are unemployed. Others only come home on weekends, leaving children vulnerable and subject to neglect

Our Driving Force

• Socials ills in our communities, that steals our children’s youth because of rape, abuse, drugs and      excessive alcohol consumption. • Poverty, that encourages communities to engage in prostitution in order to make money and provide food     and/or shelter for themselves and/or their families. • Limited view of the world due to lack of opportunities and exposure • Excessive depression leading to suicide • Crime due to poverty • Lack of good role models • Lack of skills and training programs for individuals to be self-sustainable • Many are being defeated by life, depending on medication or alcohol to survive


Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 5 000.00

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