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Serving Hands

We have launched a non-profit organisation for domestic workers in South Africa called Serving Hands. We aim to empower, enrich and spoil those wonderful ladies in our lives. They are truly the CEO's of our households and without them, we would not be able to do our everyday jobs. 

We have hosted three year-end functions for our ladies in Pretoria and we aim to host (with the help of volunteers) a year-end function in every town. This is ultimately our future dream.

Last year we had a total of 170 ladies present at our year-end function which was held at Union Caterers in Pretoria. The ladies had a three course meal, a wonderful motivational speaker, a few lucky draws as well as a few other surprises. They loved each moment and felt very special. 

We are currently running a "pilot project" were we aim to teach our domestic workers a few skills and we launched our project in the Monument Park area in Pretoria. Once this has come off the ground, we would like to take our project to other areas as well. 

We had our very first National Domestic Lady day on 30 August 2017. This is a day that we will be celebrating every year and our dream is that this day will become as well-known as for example casual day.

We wanted to celebrate National Domestic Lady day by spoiling the special lady that works in our homes every day.  Sometimes the small things in life makes the biggest difference, such as making her a cup of coffee, taking her out for a movie or lunch or just giving her a hug and telling her what she means to you.

Every employer that went to the trouble of doing something special for her domestic lady, felt what it means to give back.

Visit our website for all the pictures, as well as details regarding our year-end function and future plans.

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