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Sasolburg Gemeenskap Aksie Groep (NPO) Logo

Sasolburg Gemeenskap Aksie Groep (NPO)

The Sasolburg Gemeenskap Aksie Groep was established in June 2015 as a non-profitable, non-political and non-racial community group. The group was formally registered as a non-profit organisation on 18 May 2016, registration no 2016/201094/08.

The founding members of the group came to the realization that, unless members of the community were to get actively involved on a personal level, infrastructure in the Metsimaholo district would drastically deteriorate to the point where families would no longer be able to live a dignified life in an acceptable, safe and healthy environment.


To restore Sasolburg and surrounding area’s infrastructures to working and maintainable levels, thus enhancing the health and safety of residents, the public and enforcing resource conservation.


To take hands with the local Metsimaholo municipality and other stakeholders in order to assist the residents of Sasolburg and surrounding areas with infrastructure services by creating a unified platform where the residents, local business and the municipality can come together to assist with the repairs and maintenance of the existing infrastructure.


In order to achieve our vision we will concentrate on infrastructure services where the residents and local business can make a contribution towards the outcome of the projects that we undertake. We will focus on the areas that is of greater concern to the residents whilst assisting the residents and municipality with minor tasks as and when they are brought to our attention. 

We will always operate within the confines of the law and with the permission of the local authorities.

Working together we can achieve more.


Sorry, no projects have been created yet.