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Shah’nawaaz Craayenstein has been selected to represent RAND CENTRAL LOCAL FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION (RCLFA) UNDER 15 DISTRICT (ADP) TEAM (in 2019 this will be the RCLFA u16 team).   This young athlete has excelled in his young footballing career and has been rewarded with his selection to the RCLFA u16 District team. The team is presentative of 54 clubs under the RAND CENTRAL region and this is therefore young athlete.  To contribute, please select the project below and then the donate button next to the barometer…


Donor Messages

Darren & Fats
With God ALL things are possible. Make us proud. Darren and Mum
Wayne Green
All the best son. We're backing you all the way to the top
Lets get you started lad! Wish you all the best! Your passion must be supported! Your dedication is commendable!