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My name is Shane Lombard and I live in beautiful South Africa with my wife and children. I am starting this fundraiser because things would have been easier for me if I still had the use of my car. I ran a small transportation business and this was where our primary source of income came from. My car was involved in what we call a 'freak car accident'. 

I sent the car in for repairs, paid the full price for the work, according to the diagnosis, but little did I know that it would just be downhill from there. After about two weeks of back and forth with the mechanic, he eventually went silent and just disappeared. I could not find him, or my car. A close friend alerted us that he had spotted 'what looked like our car', abandoned on the road. Of course just before this, I declared the car stolen to the authorities and we had alerted communities within close proximity to look out for my vehicle. When I arrived on the scene, I found that the car had been completely vandalised, almost beyond repair. The ignition was damaged, many car parts had been removed, tyres landed up inside the car on the seats with even more car parts. There was more damage than I can explain. When I eventually found the mechanic I alerted the police and the ball was in our court to have him arrested on the spot. He did not have the money to return all the parts or to undo the damage, and he would probably have been released not long after his arrest. Secondly, when we saw his 3 young children clenching tightly onto the other side of the fence, in front of his home, my wife and I did not have the heart to let them witness their father being taken away. Through this experience I have been taught a valuable lesson but I have been under a tremendous amount of stress, being the breadwinner in the family. I have lost the complete use of our car and this crippled the business, which obviously crippled the income. I am the type of person who GIVES until it hurts because I know the struggle. When people are stranded and they have breakdowns, I make myself useful whether it's in the middle of night or at the first light. There are many who can attest to this. I don't have much but I believe in giving even if it's a gift of time or talents.  I am not perfect but I try to set an example of how I would like to be treated. After this, it was not easy to restore my faith in humanity but God has been with us every step of the way. Not long after the BIG DISSAPPOINTMENT with our car, I resorted to getting a job and obviously, I accepted any offer that came my way. I am now holding onto a job for dear life with a salary of R1600 per month. With South Africa's current unemployment rate, it is not easy to find a job and things are getting easier for all of us. We cannot possibly survive on this income alone. My wife got sick after she contracted COVID and she has been unemployed to date. Many have asked, "how do you survive"? Our only answer is, “ by God 's miracles”! I try to take on any extra handyman jobs and many times, I have to turn down jobs because a requirement is that I need to have my own bakkie. 

his is the first time that we are seeking help in this manner, not knowing it was possible, so I am very grateful from the bottom of my heart to be able to share my story on this platform and I thank God in advance for every bit of support that will be coming our way. If there is another way in which someone out there can help us, perhaps by blessing us with a car or maybe by purchasing one for us directly, please reach out. I believe in miracles - I see it in our lives every day. 



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