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Family in need 63962 Campaign

I am Shanell Swart 37 and we are in Cape Town Parow. 

I started this account for my family, They are going through such a hard time. I am married to Dennis 47 and we have three daughters, one of which was just hospitalized but thankfully is out now, I need to raise funds to cover our day to day expenses, we are trying desperately to get back onto our feet and my husband is looking for work so there are many reasons for this campaign.

I put the total at R20 000 but honestly with all i need to do I don't know how much it will cost.

I promise that as soon as we are and have completed our goals this campaign will be taken down.

My parents also need the help as their situation is dire and for all the reasons why.....medical reasons is the main one as to why I need to bring them down to cape town. 

This is what the funds will be used for:

-Day to Day expenses (Electricity, food and groceries and special dietary requirements)

-School (uniforms, stationary etc.) and interview expenses (transport and cv printing)
-relocating my parents and my gran to cape town for medical reasons. (Moving down to cape town, finding them a place, and all costs involved)

-Phone for husband as he needs one to work

-Transport monies to get to and from hospital appointments and clinic appointments,
-We need a vehicle to make a lot of things easier, so some of the funds will be used for saving for that

-if successful in getting a job, funds will also go to expenses Dennis will need in order to get through the first month of work

-Clothes and shoes for Dennis as he is in desperate need of new clothing

-Fixing our printer and buying ink and paper for my girls and their school work, and for the business ventures I am trying to start.

-Catch up on rent so as to keep our place we are at currently

-and whatever else that needs to be done for us to get onto our feet properly including education policies for our girls etc.

We as a family have not had it easy, for as long as I can remember there has been few good times and this is my attempt as mom, daughter and grand daughter to right as much as I can for all of us. 

I do not like always asking for help, so I thought and was given the advice to start this campaign, I am truly hoping and praying this is a success. 

I know that it is hard out there for a lot of people, and trust me when i say this that if this is successful and we cover all that needs to be covered that i will reach out to others and assist where i can as this has always been my dream. As so many people have helped me and my family that it has always been my dream to pay it forward. 

I am truly hoping that if you have gotten this far then you will understand why I have done this, I want to do this correctly and want you to know that your donation will be used for all of the above and will really go to helping me reach our dream to be better and on our feet and to finally live our lives and not struggle to survive day to day. 

Thanking you in advance for all. 

Kind Regards
Shanell Swart
Mother with a dream xoxo

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