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I am the mother of almost 18 year old Aadilah Albertyn who was involved in a horrific accident when she was 12 years old. She wrote her entrance examination at the Deutsche Internationale Schule (DSJ) from her wheelchair. She was accepted at the DSJ and awarded a 50% scholarship for 5 years. Aadilah is the Deputy Head Girl in grade 12 at present and wishes to study veterinary science in Germany from 2024. She is proficient in German. She is required to write an exam in Germany in March 2023 (the equivalent of the SA NBT) and then apply at the various universities. The costs that we need to cover relates to the exam to be written in March, application fees per university application submission, fees to be paid to Uni-Assist, travel insurance, the costs of the flights and accommodation, food, etc. These must all be paid in Euros. Aadilah has had much difficulty and challenges since the accident, however she not let it stop her. Her academic excellence bears testimony to her resilient, determined spirit.

Against great odds, she went from a wheelchair to walker to being self-sufficient. We are certain that against our financial odds and constraints, with your generous donations and assistance, Aadilah will be able to realize her dream. Thank you for your gracious donations and assistance. May you be rewarded abundantly.


Fundraising target

R 200 000.00

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R 2 581.15

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Shirrean Albertyn
All the best Aadilah

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