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Funding my music for free education Campaign Logo

Funding my music for free education Campaign

Over the years our country has proven that it cannot provide funding for children's orphanages, homes and animal shelters. These Non Profit Organizations have an influx of new cases daily. Relying solely on public donations and sponsorships, this sometimes isn't enough. Most of the children brought in do not have the sufficient resources needed for proper education and lack basic reading skills. With your assistance I will be able to provide these children with free educational resources, because every child regardless of their background deserves the right to basic reading and learning skills.

Using my music as a main platform to kick-start this project and with your generous assistance, I will be able to print and distribute my digital flash cards, readers and activity books to children who desperately need education but can't afford it. Employed in a Publishing establishment for 17 years I have extensive knowledge and experience in developing educational materials that align with education policy documents. I also created teaching guides to assist teachers.

Helping children and animals has always been another great passion of mine. Over the years I’ve made it my duty to assist children and animals in various ways due to my deep love for them.

Partnering with children's homes, orphanages and animal shelters, I have plans set in place to use a portion of the proceeds that I generate from my music to fund their basic needs and educational supplies on an on going basis.

This isn't just a plea for funding, it's an invitation to investors to help co-create a symphony of dreams for the youth who can’t afford proper education as well.

Combining all the skills that God has bestowed upon me as music creator, a children's book author, storyteller, illustrator, and designer, I intend on bringing about a new era of helping children and animals in need.

I currently have an online shop on Etsy with many of my digital storybooks, flashcards, and activity books, each one a testament to my passion for educating young minds who are our future leaders.

My online Etsy shop link:

My ultimate goal and mission?

Is to use a portion of the funds that I get from your generous donations to purchase basic necessities for the orphanages, children's homes, underprivileged schools and animal shelters as well as print my digital books that are currently on Etsy and distribute them to these various organizations and underprivileged schools providing my free educational resources to the children on an ongoing basis. A portion of the funds I receive will also go towards developing and promoting my music and music videos as mentioned above which will enable me to further generate an ongoing income from the sales and streaming of my music which will serve as a full time funding source, providing an ongoing basic necessity supply and free education.

With your help, I will be able to weave not just musical tapestries, but educational ones too.

So please consider becoming a patron of dreams and an investor in hope and be a part of a story that will be told for years to come. Together, let's turn my mission into a success for a brighter future where my music can pave the way for our future leaders, one dream at a time.

With your support, my music won't just be heard, it will be felt and will change lives. This is our story waiting to be written and you can be a part of this journey.

You may also:

Purchase my digital books from my Etsy Store to contribute to my vision.

Share my vision and spread the word to amplify my voice.

Follow my musical journey on social media and become a part of my family where I will keep you up to date with every charitable contribution made and provide pictures of happy children and animals which is truly priceless!

Together, let's make music and free education possible for a brighter tomorrow!

I appreciate all your support.

May God Bless you and your family for your assistance.

Regards, Shiraz M

Bringing free education and basic needs to those who really need it through vision!


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