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We are committed to bringing positive change to our country. It is important to understand what we are doing, how we will do it and why we must do it. So allow me to answer these 3 questions: 

What we are doing?

- Our movement will unite the South African people, from all races and languages, tribes and cultures, and force the government to look after our constitutional rights.

How will we do it?

- Through silent protest. No work, no school, and no street protest.

Why must we do this?

- For the future of South Africa. We will become the next Zimbabwe if things in SA carries on like this.

-For peace - We live in constant fear, abuse, rape, and murder - and it must stop!

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Natalie Eberle
Car service or....for whatever you need my donation. You decide, Morne
Kathy Bussey
Car service
great people doing great things
Tersia Oosthuizen
Sterkte Morne xx
Liz Doyle


Thank you for all you do
Barbara Sheerin
Dankie vir alles wat julle doen. Morne jy en die hele gestuur is wonderlik.
Mary Morgan
With love and support
Liz Doyle


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