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I’m asking you to invest in me because my dreams and aspirations are larger than just myself as an individual. I’m a development practitioner who has a strong passion for Africa and in particular the youth on the continent. I have set my life's purpose to be that of being one of those who help Africa harness it’s youthfulness by ensuring the well being, education and development of youth on the continent. My ultimate goal is to be a well-informed development practitioner whose work will influence lasting impact on the ground.I know the expertise, the skills and networks gained from it will in the near future help in shaping interventions that seek to bring about positive change and create an impact for young and African people at large.I refuse to lie down in despair just because life has thrown curb balls my way. It would really mean the world to me if I could acquire a study permit and pursue my studies in South Africa. Exceptional leaders and change-makers can come from anywhere. The financial constraint should not prevent the next generation of African leaders from gaining the tools, skills sets and networks to bring positive change and create impact.

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