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Please help me with Registration Campaign

My name is Sicelo Mbiko. I am a young and ambitious man born in the farmsteads of KwaZulu Natal, I applied and gained final admission to study Accounting at the university of Johannesburg last year(2023),in high hopes of pursuing my dream qualification of being a qualified chartered accountant.I am currently doing BCom in Accounting at the university of Johannesburg. After drafting many countless letters for my motivation, I have decided to ask for financial assistance, not with tricks but with sincerity and honesty from the heart.

My family solely depends on my grandmother’s government grant for survival and there is no other source of income. This has made things harder for me, but my grandmother keeps on motivating and believing in me. I currently have problems acquiring the funding even though I have been applying and trying my best just to get a chance of being a student and working very hard to change the situation at home. This means that I could face financial exclusion due to the fact that I owe the institution tuition fees for the year 2023. At this moment , I cannot even to afford the registration fee even though I am already promoted to continue with my second year modules this year(2024), this puts me in a similar position as I was last year because I am still having financial difficulties as last year. My grandmother and I have tried reaching out to other possible sources of funding, including the local municipality in my area but still have not received any financial assistance. I even went as far as to starting a fundraising campaign using crowd funding on the fundraising platforms, buckabuddy and, but both the campaigns are struggling due to that fact that I am only limited to a very little number who people who might have the financial means to donate.

I completed my matric in the year 2020, and during that time, I applied to study  Bachelor of commerce in accounting. I was lucky enough to be admitted to one of the most prestigious institutions in the country. Unfortunately, I was unable to pay the required amount for registration the following year. I then registered under Brightsparks, a tutoring company at which I worked as a mathematics and mathematical literacy  tutor for matric students. I later was able to finally get registered for my course at one of our country’s prestigious institutions was unfortunately financially excluded, which led me to being forced to start afresh at  the university of Johannesburg in the year 2023. During that period, I was able to sustain myself and my daily needs throughout the year with the help of another fundraising campaign that I started with the assistance of family friends, and they have also tried their best to help me raise the funds for my tuition fees. Due to hard work and determination, I was able to pass my first year, which was last year and got promoted to continue with my qualification this year.

The University fortunately has an alternative for students with outstanding fees and are facing financial difficulties like me. I have applied for the student representative council(SRC)’s trust fund, which will enable me to sign an acknowledgement of debt form with the condition that I will need to pay at least half of my outstanding fees beforehand, which is around forty-three thousand rands(R43 000.00). I plead and humble myself as I am greatly worried that the registration window for this year may close before I can acquire this amount. This would mean that I will not be able to continue with my studies. This would regrettably be heartbreaking, not only to me but also to my family and everyone who has shown support and have already invested in my education.

I am not in the position to pose myself as an exceptional learner, but I am one who is willing to work at my hardest best at all times.

I would be very grateful  and humbled if were to get some assistance in making my dream come true.

Thank you.




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