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Buy used car for a Taxi driver Campaign

My name is Sidahmed,i'm 28 from Algeria, i'm an ambitious person who look for forward to a prosperous future and to improve the conditions of my life although i'm constrained by a very bad environment ,full of congestion , bullying and squalor.

it's not easy to find job in my country and the unemployment rate is 40 percent, my situation is so bad and mesirable, i don't have any income while i'm living with my family, so i need a help to buy a used car 1995 to 2000 to work as a taxi driver, so startup costs for a taxi driver business range from 3200 to 7400 us dollar, costs include a down payment on a vehicle and signage,i will also need  to get a car for hire license from my city and i will have to pay many fees for this small project:

  1. Assurance 
  2. Fuel depreciation
  3. Maintenance and repair
  4. toll road
  5. License and registration fees

The taxi is an important industry sector in the economy that deals with the vital movement of pepole and product, Taxi cabs play an important role in sustainable transportation, fast and reliable taxi service actually diminish the need to own our own car, using a taxi service is more economical than owning and maintain our private vehicule .

this job will help me to survive and it will cover 60 percent of my groceries and my needy, i would so happy if i will get help to support myself and to take a step forward, thank you very much for any support and anything is appreciated.



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R 80 000.00

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