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Outstanding School fees 64019 Campaign

My name is Simbone. I am a student at the University of Johannesburg in the Faculty of Art Design and Architecture. I am a fourth-year student doing Advanced Diploma in Art and Design. I need financial help to pay my outstanding fees to graduate and get my transcript and certificate. I have tried bursary institutions, but I couldn't not meet the requirements due to the age limit. They mainly require students to be under 35, and I am over the required age. The age limit has been my challenge in many aspects, but I keep soldiering, hoping to find better opportunities. I thought of going back to school to further my studies after the back and forth, the trial and error of life, and its challenges. The funding institutions also accept students who recently passed matric, and I matriculated a while ago. I have also tried NSFAS, but I couldn't meet the requirements because they do not fund post-graduate studies. The University of Johannesburg covered my registration fee, but I have to pay the outstanding fees. I am currently unemployed to afford the amount; hence, I plead to anyone who can assist to lend a hand so I can further my studies and secure the future.


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