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Help Kungawo achieve her netball dreams Campaign

Meet Kungawo Stokwe, a talented 13 year old netball player from Westlake, a small and segregated township in the Western Cape. Kungawo has been playing netball since the tender age of 10 years old and her passion for the sport is unmatched. She dreams of playing for the national team and representing her country on an international stage in the future. Kungawo’s determination and dedication have led her to become a standout player in her community, where she has been an inspiration to her peers and coaches.


As young as she is, she has demonstrated her passion for the sport by taking the initiative to involve more of her peers from her community and surrounding areas into netball through utilising the skills she acquired from a netball clinic that she had the opportunity to be selected for. The ability of a young girl to identify that others may be in need similarly to her emphasizes the resilience, proactiveness and leadership skills that she possesses.


Kungawo not only represents her school but also the Western Cape Province as well. The young lady has been consecutively selected to be a part of the Western Cape action netball team representing the province. She will be participating in her second annual inter provincial tournament which will be hosted in Johannesburg, Gauteng from March-April 2023 where Western Cape coastal teams will compete against all other participating provinces. This is also a great opportunity for Kungawo to showcase her talent and skills to potential international recruiters.


Despite her talent and passion, Kungawo faces a significant challenge due to financial constraints. She is the last born out of three siblings who are all under the care and financially dependent on their single mother. One of Kungawo’s siblings is medically challenged and has been diagnosed with chronic epilepsy since the cradle age of 3. Furthermore, with having to consistently make ends meet to try and cover their daily and monthly necessities, the medical expenses take a significant financial toll on the mother. This leaves this small family unable to afford the costs associated with Kungawo’s travel, accommodation, sport gear and tournament fees making it difficult for the talented young athlete to access the opportunity presented to her that she needs to further develop her skills and compete at higher levels.


This campaign aims to humbly appeal to members of the community, local businesses, organisations or sponsorship opportunities to kindly help support Kungawo realise her dreams by providing financial assistance to cover her travel, accommodation, sport gear, and tournament costs. Your contribution, whether big or small, will make a significant impact on her journey. With your support, we can ensure that financial challenges do not stand in the way of a young girl’s dreams and development. Your donations will be appreciated.


Thank you in advance.







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