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I've recently worked on getting the car fixed as it had engine problems. I've been doing some part time work to raise money to fix the engine and luckily I managed to get it partially sorted out. The engine works but there's a small squeeky sound and an oil leak and to avoid a whole lot of problems I would like to get it properly serviced by an expert. 

I also got into a program where I can not only upgrade my matric/grade 12 results but also gain some experience through coaching kids in sports and that program starts early next year. 

I would appreciate any help to get the car checked out as I will be required to travel a certain distance each day so I want to make sure that it's 100% reliable and I'm able to attend all necessary sessions. 

I've managed to save some money but I want to use it to change some of the tires as they are starting to be worn out. 

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