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Breast reduction surgery 60248 Campaign

Hi, I am a 28 year old lady from the Eastern Cape. My breasts haven't stopped growing, and doctors say that is abnormal. I have been approved for a breast reduction surgery in a public hospital, but I have been waiting for the past 4 years.

I get severe shoulder and backpain, when I'm on my periods, they become bigger and it becomes difficult to breath as they weigh on my chest. And I also have eczema, and because they cover all the way down to my stomach, hot seasons have become a nightmare, the parts covered by my breasts have a dark/burnt-like look due to eczema breakout.

I have to wear 2 bras for balance, and I struggle to find bras that fit because I have a small waist. And every year I have to buy new bras because the size keeps on getting bigger.

I am a very active individual, but unfortunately my breast size has become a barrier. I love running, but I cannot find the right bras for comfort and I often find myself hunched during my runs because of the breast weight. I also struggle with cardio because the bouncing can be painful and uncomfortable, and on most occasions, the breasts bounce right out of my bras.

I face a lot of physical challenges due to the size of my breasts, but also mental because I often feel uncomfortable. Having to deal with people who'll mention my breast size before anything else, I cannot wear certain clothes. And sometimes people find themselves unconsciously touching my breasts when they're talking to me and making hand gestures.

I would really love to raise funds for this surgery, but if anyone, anywhere has information on any doctor who could be looking for a pro-bono case (if possible), please let me know.

Thank you for reading my story.


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