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Help Siska save her smile Campaign

Good day

I am Siska van Zweel. I am 23 years old.

I am raising money for myself in order to save my smile!

Where ‘normal’ people have 32 teeth, I only have 13 left. 

I struggle really badly to eat without all my teeth. 
I always have pain or infection in my mouth. 

My lower jaw is too far back and that is also damaging my teeth as well as the prescription epilepsy medication I had to use. 

 I will be able to get a jaw operation and then false teeth or dental implants. 

I am still young, with my whole life ahead of me, and I desperately don't want to be without teeth. 

One day I would like to be a bride with a beautiful smile


Fundraising target

R 400 000.00

Donations to date

R 0.00

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