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Hi! I'm Siv. You may know me from online spaces or even from a lecture classroom. I get around ;) I'm a 22-year-old artist, activist, academic working from Cape Town. My work focuses on emphasising the possibility of a world where we are liberated, fed, housed, held, and happy. When all else fails all we have is Hope and Each Other.

Growing up queer wasn't easy. Since a young age, I knew I wasn't a girl.. but everyone around me was convinced of otherwise and always tried to force me into dresses and heels. Because of this, I spent many years thinking there was something 'wrong' with me and that I would never find myself in the world. It was lonely and terrifying. Until I found more people like me who knew better words for explaining our existence and who could join me in my journey in becoming my true self.

Finding fellow queer people saved my life. Because of them, I didn't think my life was pointless, worthless, or doomed. Finding people like me gave me hope. Not only that, but it gave me a language. Words like "transgender" and even the word "queer". Fellow queer people gave me words that made my experiences feel even more real.

But, even after finding community and learning the value of embracing myself (no matter how queer I am), one thing remains 'wrong': my body. I just don't feel at home in it. I look in the mirror and wish I could just wave a wand and make my breasts go away. I remember reaching puberty and being frustrated at my growing chest. Even now, I sit hunched in the hopes that nobody will notice. And even with binders (or super tight sports bras) and baggy tops, people still look at my chest and think "girl". Do you know how awful it is to have people think of you as something that you are not?

Top surgery seems to be the best way forward for me. And without the help of medical aid (which in South Africa, doesn't cover this kind of surgery) I am having to rely on my community and people beyond to help me make this body a place I can call "home".

Being able to go ahead with top surgery (or breast removal, as my doctor sometimes says) will literally change my life. As we stand, I am lucky to be able to do my activist/artistic/academic work without completely crumbling into myself at all times. Having a body that feels out of sync with who I make it so hard to feel worthy, to feel seen, to feel as if my truth matters... More than anything, top surgery will give me a sense of pride, confidence, deep internal happiness, and calm. I won't have to worry as much about what I wear or how I walk or how I talk ... I can just be. Just be me and just be free. Imagine that?

As per my consultation with my AWESOME doctor, the funds raised via this campaign will confer the surgery AND more! The fee given to me will cover the surgeon's fee, the assistant's fee, equipment and facility fees, all materials used in the procedure AND all routine follow-up.

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Lauren Fonto
Wishing you all the best on your journey.
Alex Ross
Tyler Farghly
Best of luck!

So proud of you baba. I thank God for the blessing that is you.

Kim M Reynolds

What an incredible affirmation of love. Incredibly grateful to be in community with you Siv and I'm excited for this life to come. Cheers to committing to making that life ours and brilliant

From one enby to another: you deserve everything
What will you tell your 24-year-old self? :)

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09 Apr 2021 USD $ 3
Alex Ross donated USD $ 10 via Help Siv Feel At Home In Their Body
09 Apr 2021 USD $ 10
Tyler Farghly donated USD $ 7 via Help Siv Feel At Home In Their Body
08 Apr 2021 USD $ 7
Jon donated USD $ 15 via Help Siv Feel At Home In Their Body
08 Apr 2021 USD $ 15
Jabulile donated R 500 via Help Siv Feel At Home In Their Body
08 Apr 2021 R 500