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Good day everyone, 
My sister Riané, has had a very rough stretch of bad and I need your help. She has had epilepsy from her toddler years but is under control with chronic medication, she has lost her job due to the employer not wanting her to work there due to her epilepsy, she is 44 & finding a job is difficult. She has been in a series of abusive relationships and marriages & the last one ending just a few days ago after he broke her arm. She is currently living with my parents.
The reason I am asking for your help is because my parents are retired and living of their pension and myself and my wife have a young family and we are barely getting by as it is, so we want to raise the money so we can safely secure Riané a place in a home that can accommodate her needs with her epilepsy and emotional scars due to the trauma she has endured. Thank you in advance 


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R 250 000.00

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R 200.00

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