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School fees fundraising 67966 Campaign

Good day 
I hope this message finds you well. My name is Somila Yonwabisa Ntandane, and I am reaching out with a heart heavy with dreams yet aching under the weight of financial constraints.
As the first-born in a family of five, I am determined to break the cycle of hardship and pave the way for my siblings. My mother, a resilient single parent, has done her utmost to provide for us, but the burden of my education has become overwhelming.
I find myself at a crucial juncture in my academic journey, on the verge of graduation. However, the daunting reality of outstanding school fees amounting to R72,000 is threatening to shatter my dreams. Time is of the essence, as I must settle at least half of this amount which is (36 000) by the 11th of February 2024 to secure my place and to be able to graduate in April 2024.
I humbly ask for your compassion and support in this trying time. Any donation, no matter how modest, from R20 upwards, will bring me one step closer to realizing my dream of obtaining a degree and creating a brighter future for my family.
Thank you for considering my plea, and may your kindness be repaid tenfold.
Warm regards,
Somila Yonwabisa Ntandane

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