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Medicine Health Care assistance Campaign

Campaign For Danie van Deventer.

I am Sonja van Deventer, his wife.

1) Danie is a Diabetic and Heart patient.
2) A month ago, his foot was amputated and before that, the  2 toes, of the other foot. Back problems. Lot of pain. He had a eye operation. Heart operation.
Our son is able, to pay his medical fund. But the rest, as i will explain, we must find a way, to buy Until i am able to work again. So our income, at this stage is The monthly pension of R2090.00
3) Danie is a pensioner. It is impossible, for me, his wife, to work at the moment. i Don't receive, pension, yet... Danie need 24 hour care, at this stage. Therefore, it is impossible, for me, Sonja, his wife, to work, and generate a income
4) His Chronic medicine is 2400 +-monthly.
That is without vitamins, bandages, pain tablets, ointments, plasters and all the extra, he need, on a daily basis. Travelings to wound sister, physio e.t.c.
5) We also need a suitable bed and a wheelchair. The one he is using, now, is not sufficient. We will donate this one, when we buy him a more sufficient wheelchair.
The reason for paying money, directly in my Bank account:
Expenses, as mentioned above.
Must be bought at Clicks, Dischem, Checkers Pharmacy.
Fuel at petrol station.
Bed, maybe second hand.
Therefor, there is not a specific supplier account.
I am the only one, that can travel and buy everything.
I will gladly send  receipts, to anyone, that find it, in their hearts, to help us.
We need assistance please. Thank you


Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

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