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Young upcoming Poetry ebook Fundraising Campaign Logo

Young upcoming Poetry ebook Fundraising Campaign

Hello Everyone, my name is Sonwabile Sjula, father to this young, brilliant and gifted book writer.

I am trying to raise funds for publishing and advertising her ebook into digital platforms.
Ayonwaba Sjula is young and upcoming English Poet, from Mfuleni township just outside Cape Town, with 15 years of age.
She is the author of Pixie The Traveller, it's going to be her first book to be published. 

 Poem writing is her passion, platform to express her inner feelings, to pass through messages and share her extraterrestrial travel or out of body experiences with everybody. I am supporting her dream, to educate and to enlighten more people about her spiritual journey. Funding of this ebook publishing and advertising, will fulfill her purpose to reach more people and get heared across.

It's important for me to get her first ebook published and advertising costs paid, before the 18 September 2023, in order to qualify for the discounts agreed upon with supplier, as shown in the attached quotation. 

I urge anyone and everyone to support this good course, as you would help this young and upcoming book writer, to realize her dream. To get her first book to get published and advertised into Amazon and other international digital platforms. That will encourage her to write more books,  open doors for more and inspire more young talented writers into creative writing space.

I have attached a breakdown of how these funds will be used, as shown on the attached quotation. And you may deposit your contributions direct into the MY eBOOK supplier's bank account, quoting the correct reference number Pixie the Traveller. Thanking you in advance.


Fundraising target

R 7 348.00

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