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Growing my small business Campaign

Hello all. My name is Sophia. I am 25 years old and live in Pretoria. Growing up I've always known that one day I want to start and run my own business.A few months ago I started a campaign asking for help in raising the funds is needed to start off,my campaign failed however I didn't give up. With the help and motivation of my husband I managed to get enough money together to get started, from selling most of our valuables to doing work for family I have managed to buy everything I need except for one thing.A large aspect of my business involves 3d printing, I have ordered the printer that I will need however I do not have enough funds to purchase the laptop/computer that I will need to run the software as unfortunately the only printer I was able to afford that is of good quality, does not support cloud slicing or wifi connectivity. I have placed screenshots of the minimum required specifications for the software that is best suited for the printer that I ordered in my profile photo section as well as a photo of myself and my husband.I do not wish for any donations to be paid into my personal account, rather to somehow be paid in part or as a whole into the account of whichever retailer is able to provide a computer/laptop with those specifications. I do not know how exactly this will be done but I will be eternally grateful to anyone that finds it in their heart to donate to my cause.I have already established several social media accounts for my business and anyone is welcome to have a look at what I have started doing. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Please have a good day.

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