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Gerd Dittrich has been in SA since 2003 with legal passport as a missionary in Ga-Mashashane Pax Limpopo. I know Gert as part of the community in Ga-Mashashane Valkop, who we have have been trying to help him from an abusive home and trying to get him help with getting an employment. He has since been in South Africa since then and his travel documents expired in 2008. He had since in 2007 tried to apply for new ones but never got reply. Gert is now without Passport that is lost by the Department of Home Affairs and has no financial resources to continue with applications. He has been arrested twice with no confirmation of deportation due to the issue that he has children where he is currently staying. He now has immigration order to leave the SA country by the 09th January 2024. Which he must have a passport and a ticket to Germany.  We have secured an appointment for him on Tuesday 19th December 2023 but no financial resources for travel and payment for documents he requires. We request help for him to go back home and sort out documentations and be able to come back to his children. Your assistance will be of great help. The funds will be used to pay for all fees of documentation and travel documents including flight ticket back to his country. He needs to go to Pretoria to get assistance from immigration office but have no funds for travel.


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R 50 000.00

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R 3 000.00

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