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SOS Charity Fund

The SOS Charity fund, which forms part of DWR Distribution, is a charity organization aimedat freelancers in the entertainment and theatre industry and was born in December 2017.The SOS aims to lend a heling hand, on a merit basis, with basic assistance should afreelancer fall ill, injure themselves, or in the worst case-scenario, pass away, leaving theirfamily under immense pressure. The SOS has also been involved in projects that offer hopeand a touch of inspiration!

This charity assists with deeds like providing grocery hampers, helping with medical bills,funeral costs, and helping with finances for motivational youth projects or as the needarises


Donations to date

R 108 034.42

Fundraising target

R 524 599.00

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Well done!!

Gregg McCaffrey
Well done
ZD family ????
Fabulous Guillaume ????????????????????????
Gideon Luus
Trap hom Pappie
Good luck out there bud
Duncan Kaiser
now we wait for Gregg to match it. £1 per KM
That guy
Good luck
All the best Guillaume

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29 Aug 2019