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Source Point was established in 2015 for the sole purpose of preserving the environment, envisioning a world where humanity embraces the scarcity and sacredness of the environment by seeing their natural surrounding environment as an extension to themselves.

We believe that change and solutions are motivated by people and not governments or large organisational structures, and that people in turn are motivated by beliefs, by deeply rooted mind-sets. This fact, powerful in its very nature, has also become the downfall of conservation endeavours, as in recent times a mind-set of emancipating self from environment has taken refuge in the minds of so many. It seems so obvious, the one’s intricate, interwoven, relationship to the other, but alas, this ideology has become the foundation of our current rate of evolution, leaving in its wake something unsustainable, something truly hollow, causing a hunger that seems to be unfulfillable. 

The idea of preservation is only credible if an individual has a heartfelt relationship with the object that is to be preserved. In this regard we may start to understand the apathy felt toward environmental conservation as our population is increasingly becoming more dependent upon a system that does not promote intimate environmental relationships within the realm of day to day life but rather emancipation; cultivating a consumer mind-set of utilising and disposing, having no regard for the processes of birth and death of the items so faithfully consumed.

The question therefore becomes; how do you change a mind-set, and how do you do it in a sustainable manner? The interactions between human beings and their surrounding environment has been thoroughly investigated in a science called environmental psychology and it explicitly considers how the environment influences human behavior as well as the inverse; how behavior results in environmental changes.

The mechanisms of changing a mind-set has therefore become our vehicle to drive physical environmental change, but also the inverse, changing the environment so as to drive mental changes within individuals. Our projects are therefore based on this very simple interchangeable principal. We try to find the golden thread, that perfect balance between the two variables e.g. humanity and environment, as emotional wellbeing is directly proportional to environmental wellbeing and visa versa.

We utilise various tools at the disposal of environmental psychology so as to subconsciously conjure up feelings of pride, dignity, integrity and the preservation thereof in relation to the environment. This gives way to tangible environmental changes in an organic manner but moreover we try to combine this change with a change in communal welfare by stimulating sustainable economic incentives in harmony with the environmental change, so as to create an independent feedback loop.

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