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SPCA Walvis Bay

The SPCA Walvis Bay is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping homeless animals and animals in need.

With the current economic situation in our town, most pet-owners, individuals and companies under placed under huge financial strain. The reality of this situation is that non-profit organisations like ourselves also suffer, as we operate completely on the support of the public. 

The animals that are surrendered and picked up as strays are increasing at a drastic rate. On average we have 120 animals (cats and dogs) in our care. To care for them with donations only is a very challenging job. We actively try to rehome these animals.

However, due to financial needs, this is becoming a bigger challenge every day. With vet accounts, electricity, the cleaners salaries and many more expenses, funding is always a problem.

With your help, however big or small, you will help us to better help the animals in our care. Please open your hearts to us and our animals.


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