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Throwing around of faeces and rubbish has become such a regular thing in South Africa that it is not even reaching the back page of a newspaper and is seen as just another thing that happens in our country. This student in the picture has stood up and single handedly, started showing what each and everyone of us should do.

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Rob Brigden
One South Africa - One Nation of many people, together, building our future
Mark Zee
Any seed money gathered here is your opportunity to start something good. Deciding to be part of it is based on your character shown. Make your expenditure transparent and your achievements visible.
Love this initiative! Taking pride in ourselves transfers to taking pride in each other and our country. Dignity!
Adrienne Allen
I know that you will always do what's right.
Pappa Gaai
Thanks for setting the example
Brett Newby
Thank you for your courage and strength of character when faced with such hatred, You are what South Africa stands for.