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Medical Bills for a Medic Campaign

Hi, my name is Stefan, from Amanzimtoti.

I have dedicated my life to assisting people during emergencies and train people to help others.  Over the years I have been able to provide volunteer assistance during flooding where houses collapsed, explosions at beer festivals, taxi accidents, and shootings. As a safety practitioner, I have been able to help ensure safety at dance productions and a couple of markets. I believe that by helping others I can make a fraction of a difference in their lives. 
On the 15th of July, I was on my way to a meeting to plan to assist a scout troop when I had a freak accident, fell, and ended up hitting my head on the road. This resulted in a very expensive ambulance trip to Hospital 1, which stabilised me but couldn't fully assist me. I was diagnosed with bleeding and swelling on the brain, 2 blood clots, and a cranial-based fracture. I was transferred to Hospital 2 to be assisted by an amazing neurosurgeon.  4days later I woke up but can't remember much from my 2 week ICU stay and 3day general ward stay for brain surgery and drain inserts. This is on top of partial hearing loss in my right ear and complete loss of smell and taste. 
I did have medical insurance but it seems like they are not that willing to pay much and I am left with some tremendous accounts. 
The following is what the total amount is from :
Ambulance 1: R6800
Dr 1: R3900
Hospital 2: R177000
Neurosurgeon: R117000
CT scan and blood tests: R13000
Some of our family and friends have assisted with donations for me and we managed to get about R17 000 but I am getting constant messages about the outstanding balances. 
Any assistance from anyone will be extremely appreciated and take some stress off me while I try to get things sorted out. 
God bless all who have, and be willing to help! 
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Update: 05/09/2023
Thank you to all that has donated!  I have managed so far to get most of the statements from all the service providers and the outstanding total comes to around R326 000.  The more people who is willing to help to lower I can get my bills and the stress related to it.
My recovery is going well with my leg being almost 100% again.  My hearing in my right ear has partly returned but I still can't smell or taste anything.  My family and friends say I can now comfortably eat cabbage, but I still
Here are 2 pictures from just before the staples were removed.

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