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Hello, Friends!

I'm Stephan, and it's wonderful to meet all of you. I consider myself a down-to-earth person who's passionate about helping others, especially through my Sunday school classes. I'm fortunate to have incredible parents and a supportive brother who've stood by me in both challenging and joyful times. One of my favorite pastimes is fishing, as it provides me with moments of reflection and helps uplift my spirits.

My journey took an unexpected turn starting with a bathtub incident in June 2020. During the middle of winter, I decided to soak in a warm bath to combat the cold. Unfortunately, I slipped and fell backward onto the edge of the bathtub, resulting in excruciating pain in my lower back. After visiting the house doctor, I was quickly referred to a specialist, who recommended immediate hospitalization and fusion surgery for my back. Without hesitation, I agreed to the procedure.

However, this marked the beginning of my challenges. Following the first surgery in June 2020, I experienced a sharp, knife-like pain in my back and difficulty walking properly on the left side, almost like a curve. Further examinations revealed that one of the screws was misaligned, irritating the nerves in my back. In July 2020, corrective surgery was performed, but the damage had already been done. Multiple consultations with neurosurgeons led to the conclusion that I needed a cord stimulator implant, which was successfully implanted in January 2021, providing about 30% pain relief.

In February 2021, a major operation was conducted to implant the battery pack in my stomach, the stimulator in my back, and the wire in my right ribcage. As time passed, I faced challenges in rehabilitation, sleep, and basic mobility. Seeking another opinion, I consulted with a new orthopedic surgeon who recommended replacing the screws and redoing the entire procedure. This extensive operation took place in September 2021, after spending over a year mostly confined to bed.

However, in November 2021, I began experiencing falls and discovered a pinched nerve in my left knee. The falls further aggravated my back, undoing much of the progress. In August 2022, I underwent knee surgery to release the trapped nerve, which improved my condition over time. The decision was then made to address my back issues once again.

In July 2023, I underwent yet another back fusion, and I will be meeting with the specialist this Friday to discuss my progress. Unfortunately, I've recently experienced more falls, resulting in knee problems in the operated area. I'm eager to understand why this is happening and seek further guidance from my specialist.

Throughout this journey, I've faced significant financial stress due to complications from the initial surgery. It has been challenging to sleep or go a day without worrying, as stress exacerbates the pain in my back. Your generous donations would mean the world to me, as they would greatly alleviate the financial burden I've been carrying. This journey has been expensive, and being bedridden for 39 months is no laughing matter. I often feel like I'm in a prison, spending the majority of my day locked in my room, only leaving for bathroom breaks. I miss my family, friends, my Sunday school class, and my home cell.

Rehabilitation has been challenging due to the intense pain I experience, making it impossible for them to work on my back. Nevertheless, I'm doing my best to share daily scripture with my friends and home cell members and offer support during their difficult times. I believe in God's plan for me, and though I may be going through hell now, I know that when I emerge from this struggle, I will be walking into heaven.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and for your support.

Love Stephan

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Leentjie Lombard
Kyle winson
Stay Positive Bud, you'll get through this!
Ina van Jaarsveld
Ons bid en vertrou dat die Here vir jou die nodgie geld sal voorsien! Liefde, Montana Park Homecell
All the best Mr Beukes.

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