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My name is Frank Solomon and I met Thabo and Mokete during the making of our film Street surfers.  I am a big wave surfer and marine activist from Cape Town South Africa, and I travelled to meet two exceptional men, Thabo and Mokete, who indirectly serve the environment through recycling as a means of income.

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Ben Nott

Dear Tabo and Mokete, I express my sincere appreciation for your continous & outsanding work in creating a more sustanaible enviroment. To Frank, Thank you for creating the awareness & powerful film

An illustration of how the sustainability of our planet is linked to the human need for survival
Caroline Dassonville
Your video was an inspiration to all of us to make the effort to pick up even just one piece of plastic a day and also to understand and have respect for these street surfers! Thank you.
Arthur Neumeier
From Cape Town with Love!
So inspiring, so brave.
These are the real heroes of our beautiful country. Thank you for your very much needed work. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily.
truly inspiring
Shows you how much we take for granted. Such and inspirational story. Hope this little monthly donation can help make a small change in their lives.