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Sundowners Theft Recovery Cause

Sundowners Pub was burgaled after hours on April 24th. A very large amount of high end musical equipment was stolen from the venue. The equipment is pivotal in being able to host live music events. This campaign is aimed at replacing the equipment that was stolen as well as upgrading our existing alarm system to prevent this from reoccurring.

Donor Messages

A little something to help
Craig Pietropaolo
Thanks for everything, man. Much love always.
As a supporter of SA music , and one of the last venues that plays live music , im happy to assist
I Love Sundowners ?
This place is a gem, home to plenty of good memories and the music is always good. Hope you guys knock back 10times harder!
Mark Walker
good luck
Chris Huddleston
Small token of appreciation for a place that’s had a special place in my heart since school days. Keep fighting the good fight Spener Lad.
Cara Daly
Spence, you have done amazing things for the scene and poured your heart and soul into that place. Good luck with everything and thank you for giving musicians and fans the opportunities you have.