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Sean Michael Connoway, known as Michael, is a remarkable 22-year-old who battles a rare and life-threatening condition called Marble Bone Disease.

Despite being one of only 33 cases in South Africa, Michael has defied the odds with 24 surgeries, which included emergency procedures where they removed and thinned sections of the scull, which is as hard as marble, to create more space and relieve the pressure on his brain.  Sadly, the bone continues growing and thickens again, resulting in more operations.  With every scull operation, Michael was warned that he had less than a 50% chance of survival, and if he survived, he could face serious complications like paralysis, blindness or more.

For updates and more about Michael's journey, visit the Facebook page: Michael Connoway’s Journey.

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Donor Messages

You've got this Michael ❤️
All of you always in my thoughts . A long hard road to walk but you’ve done it magnificently
You are marvelous Michael:-)
Marysia Le Roux
Paula Venter
We love you x

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