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Founded in 1999, the Institute is an international living and learning centre for theory and practice in values based, entrepreneurially empowered action towards positive social impact and ecological restoration. Our focus on children is centred within the Lynedoch Children’s House, SPARK Lynedoch Primary School and Lynedoch Youth programmes.

The Institute is recognised as a leading expert institution in navigating the transition towards social justice and change in complex futures in Africa, and forms an institutional base for some of the top academics in the field. Our research and practice maintains a strong focus on sustainable African futures, through our student, faculty and consulting research. Our focus on transformative learning from birth and social innovation is embedded through our research, teaching and practice.

One of our programmes focused on the youth of the Lynedoch valley, is the Lynedoch United Football Club. The Lynedoch United Football Club meets twice a week, where 40 youth train and exercise to partake in matches in the Stellenbosch LFA over weekends. There is also a senior soccer team with 23 members. This team competes in the Promotional League which is managed by SAFA Cape Winelands.

Apart from the physical exercise enjoyed by the youth, being part of a team has helped to foster a spirit of camaraderie, brotherhood and discipline in the young members. As their coach Shaun Claasen, so aptly states: “It’s not about winning or losing but more about taking a lesson from the results, good or bad and trying to improve in the next match.”

Sports are so important not only for the health and wellbeing of children, but also building positive self-esteem and confidence that comes with engaging in active and team sports. Sport develops the values of perseverance, commitment and team work, as well as the learning of life lessons both on and off the field.

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