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Suzanne Matejek-Sosic Pet Cause

I am raising funds for my Frankie. Frankie was rescued by Pug rescue after being found by the AACL, he was clearly an abused little dog. After fostering this precious boy for a few weeks, we decided to adopt him. We have had Frankie for 6 yrs now, & think he is around 8yrs old. He is the sweetest, most loyal, loving & protective dog.

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Donor Messages

Craig Crown
Get well soon Frankie
Ted Strawberry and honey
Get well Frankie
Good luck Frankie hope you feeling better
Love you Frankie
Leia the Dachshund
Woof Woof Woof
Get well Frankie
Louise Welthagen

Get well soon Frankie

Hamilton and Paula
We wish him well and send all our love
Get better soon Franki! Pauly & Annerine