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Swim for change is a self-funded, youth driven organisation which focuses on creating awareness and providing education about the importance of mental health.  We have been actively involved in mental health activism since 2015 and believe that mental health discrimination is a world problem that oppresses the potential of affected youth and we are trying to open a bigger space of dialogue about mental health without being ashamed about having difficult emotions.

We believe mental well-being is one of the most important topics in society, but does not get enough attention. As teenagers, we understand and have experienced the impact of injustice of mental health discrimination.  Youth have unlimited power and potential to create change and we can no longer allow anyone to feel worthless.  We believe there is always a reason to fight and we want to continue to fight with and for anyone who is struggling with mental health difficulties.  By developing educational skills, and working with schools, we will be better equipped to expand on our initiative.

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