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I would like to introduce myself and my family to you, My husband is a proud farmer by profession and farming runs strong in his blood, I am a humble school teacher, we have two children, a girl of 6 and a boy of 4 years old.

Like any parent you only want the best for your children and a wonderful future, due to the circumstances in our beautiful country the future seems bleak, sometimes opportunity comes at the most unexpected times in your life, and opportunity came knocking on our door, my husband received a job opportunity in Canada, and with bitter sweet decision to make, we decided to make the choice by leaving our birth country and to pursue the future Canada can offer us.

The decision we made 9 months ago was not easy, but we were certain that we will have enough funds to pay for everything and by this time we would be re-building our lives in a foreign country.

Due to the nature of our careers, we had no funding through provident or pension funds, as our employers that did not have this benefit. We sold all our possessions, we paid for everything and the cost of living also played a role in our funds being depleted. My husband’s employer still has funds owing to him and we were relying on this to pay for our airplane tickets, but to date he was unable to pay anything, due to the economic factors that is playing a role.

We have been approved by Canada to immigrate, immigration, Visas everything is done. All we need is plane tickets,

As a proud mother, trying to everything possible for my family, I am standing here asking for your help, if you will find it in your heart to donate any amount towards our cause in getting flight tickets to Canada.


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R 70 000.00

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R 1 931.98

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Mag ons Vader vir julle voorsien, seën en alle verwagtinge oortref.
Marshall Angelique
You got this Führi family!

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Anonymous donated US $ 22 via The Fuhri Family
15 Sep 2023 US $ 22
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13 Sep 2023 R 200
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12 Sep 2023 US $ 11
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12 Sep 2023 US $ 11