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College Funding 63332 Campaign

Tatum Williams, 22 years old, I reside in a small mining town in the North West Province, namely Stilfontein.

I am starting this campaign for myself in order to raise funds to further my education in Theology which is a passion of mine.

It is important for me to further my studies so that I can not only grow as an individual but grow in my chosen occupation which I would like to pursue. My passion is to help people and in pursuing Theology I feel called that I will touch more people's lives. I have felt called to pursue Theology since the age of 18 but unfortunately have not had the finances until my father passed away and left me with minimum funds to start this.

I have had to put my Theology studies on hold for both health reasons and lack of funds to continue with the course.

The Theology course is affiliated with E2M College which is a part of New Covenant Ministries International and has a learning center in Klerksdorp at City on a Hill Church situated in 30 Steyn Street, Elandsheuwel, North West. My mentor and lecturer is Malcolm Black.

My goal is to become a spiritual counsellor, in order to help others who have been through or are going through trauma and depression.

My mother and father were never married and separated when I was a year old. I had a good relationship with my dad up until his passing. We were never wealthy and my father was retrenched when I was 12 years old.

I am currently finishing my Matric as well although the E2M College allows me to continue without my Matric (doing it for myself).

My fathers passing (1st November 2020) was a traumatic time for me as I was what people refer to as a daddy's girl. I was his caretaker for the last 2 years of his life as he had silicosis and emphysema. It was hard watching my father deteriorate in front of me but I did not leave his side and gave him the best possible care.

He was not a wealthy man and therefore I did not inherit a lot of money from him. That which I received I put some away for studies and unfortunately got ill (which was unplanned) and had to dip into the savings I put aside.

I do not have anyone I can ask to lend me money and I am currently unemployed but eagerly looking for work. I have sent my CV out to numerous places but have unfortunately not had a response as most workplaces require a matric (working on that) or a certain amount of experience, which I do not have as I do not have the opportunity to gain experience.

I truly feel that I can help others through trauma as I know from personal experiences how to cope with it as well as work through it.

I pray that you will find it in your heart and wallet to fund my campaign as this is a passion I am truly going to pursue with my all. I am very self-motivated and driven so I will not easily give up.

May God Bless you and be with you all. Thank you so much for reading my story. Regards.


Fundraising target

R 40 000.00

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