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Taye Perry Rally Cause

Taye Perry has been racing professionally for over a decade in South Africa, where she has achieved multiple MSA Offroad and Cross Country Titles. She qualified to compete in the 2020 Dakar Rally at the Merzouga Rally earlier this year, and Stephie Vetter would like to raise funds to get her there. 

to contribute to this cause, please click on the link below... 

Donor Messages

TP you can do it!
Best wishes for Dakar Taye!

Just do it!!!


Go and give it your best shot and make us all proud

Your story in Superbike Magazine inspired our Family! Thank you Taye. Please do this for all of us!
Kiwi Sean
Show 'em how it's done Taye!
Estelle Nienaber
Go do this!
Caroline Cooper Ackhurst and Nicky Ackhurst
All the best for Dakar 2020 Taye!
Jen and Greg
You make us proud Tase!