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Student Debt 66965 Campaign

1.As the Bachelor of Arts in English and Communications student facing financial challenges I am the beneficiary
2.I am currently blocked from the portal and cant access my results or register for the upcoming semester as i owe school. Raising funds is crucial for me because it determines my ability to continue my studies. The financial support is important to overcome the obstacle of debt and ensure that i can pursue my education without interruption. I am really passionate about my studies and want to do well, but I need some help to make it through. Your support would mean the world to me.
3.Successfully raising the needed funds would have a significant positive impact on my academic journey. It would allow me to continue my studies, maintain progress towards my degree, and avoid potential disruptions to my education.
4.They will be transferred to the school's account in order to settle my outstanding debt, creating a pathway for me to focus on my academic goals without financial strain.

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R 50 000.00

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