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TELL (Transplant Education for Living Legacies)  helps educate South Africans about organ and tissue donation. Tell (Transplant Education for Living Legacies) was created with heart, for hearts (and other organs). Tell's goal is to help educate both potential donors as well as medical healthcare professionals, and break the stigma and misinformation around organ and tissue donation.Tell's mission is to end the waiting list by changing and leading the conversation around organ and tissue donation in South Africa.

Tell was created in 2018 with heart for hearts (and other organs).Two of the three founders and directors are lung transplant recipients, which not only gave them a second chance at life, but also put them in the unique position to make a difference in the transplant community.


Through years of collective experience in the field, we have identified various hurdles to organ transplantation in South Africa.The issues range from legal,to social, to stigmas and stereotypes. It is our mission to solve as many of these problems as possible,so that we can end the waiting list, together.

         Because the most important part of organ and tissue donation, is conversation.

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