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Transplant Education for Living Legacies

Transplant Education for Living Legacies (TELL), and NPO established to increase awareness and support of organ and tissue donation within the South African community. TELL's goal is to help educate both potential donors as well as medical healthcare professionals, and break the stigma and misinformation around organ and tissue donation. TELL's mission is to end the waiting list by changing and leading the conversation around organ and tissue donation in South Africa.

TELL (Transplant Education for Living Legacies) was established in November 2018 by two lung transplant recipients and a transplant activist. Alice is the first person in South Africa to survive two bilateral lung transplants and Fawn has been living her best life with her set of lungs she received seven years ago. Bonnie is activist and academic, currently pursuing her PhD studies at Bristol University. The founders are therefore in a unique position to make a contribution to the transplant community. Stella has since joined the team and is currently on the waiting list for a kidney. She brings perspective from a patient who has been on the waiting list since 2012. Most of TELL’s volunteers are either waiting for a transplant or have received a transplant.

TELL wants to encourage anyone who wants to donate their organs and to TELL THEIR TRIBE of their wishes to be an organ and tissue donor. Awareness is key, and they firmly believe that the most important part of improving the organ and tissue donation environment, is conversation.


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