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Mr Cooper medical expenses Campaign

Hi all.

I am in some desperate need for help. 
My little dog Cooper was an abused pup and he was recused by me, unfortunately serious damage was done to his eye which has had be be removed, there have been a few complications after surgery and further medical attention is needed and he was moved from one vet to Valley Farm Animal Hospital in Faerie Glen. 
He had huge amounts of blood loss and required oxygen, he is still recovering however the bill has amounted to quite a big amount I have already put down an amount of R4000.00 which was saved up for my car payment and there is still an amount outstanding and accumulating the Dr said it would range from R11000 - R15000. 
I have unfortunately lost my job so I am unemployed and being 6 months pregnant it is not easy finding a job. 
I would never think of putting a post like this on but I unfortunately need to put my pride in my pocket and do all I can for my furr baby. 
The funds need to be raised in the next day or 2 for when he will be well enough to come home.
Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Donor Messages

Tina Williams
So happy you are home Cooper! Keep up the good work! 💜🐾🐾💜
Hoping your recovery is going well Cooper!!! Love, hugs and prayers sweet boy!
Tina Williams
Wishing you a speedy recovery Cooper! Stay strong and hurry home so mommy can hug you all day long! Love and prayers from my girls Abbie, Sofie, and Mercee Me! 💜🐾🐾💜
Well done Cooper & Terri. Get 100% well - you're a trooper and so is your mum! x
@itmecookie__ Cookie Baby
Feel better my love. We know that being a peke parent is tough, especially when your little baby isn’t feeling good. We’re here for you #pekefam
Lesley's friend Judith
Another contribution from my friend who is a fellow animal lover. X
Good luck Terri and Cooper
Cherry Leung
I sincerely wish you all the best to get out of this predicament as soon as possible! Cooper, get well soon🙏
Good luck to you and you baby boy Copper

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Tina Williams donated US $ 22 via Mr Cooper medical expenses
15 Feb 2024 US $ 22
Tina donated US $ 1 via Mr Cooper medical expenses
11 Feb 2024 US $ 1
Tina Williams donated US $ 27 via Mr Cooper medical expenses
05 Feb 2024 US $ 27
Lesley donated US $ 69 via Mr Cooper medical expenses
05 Feb 2024 US $ 69
@itmecookie__ Cookie Baby donated US $ 15 via Mr Cooper medical expenses
01 Feb 2024 US $ 15