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Greetings to you all

My name is oupa Matjokane, 37yrs and a single father of 3boys. I comleted matric 2008 and 2009 i got a job at cfp technologies(xerox subcontract) i was a technician assistant for 2years. 2011 i got a job at komati power station, position >coal  sampling, plant operator both coal and ash plants till 2013.
Since then i haven't get a job and it is so hard, i don't have any one to uplift me and my mother is taking care of my 2boys(they are not receiving any grants, and my mom isn't working as well. So i need help from anyone who can help me with getting an ID. I want to have a forklift training so that I can take of my 2boys. They are so good at school and I really want to be there for them. 
The hardship I'm going through no one wants to be close to me, January 2022 i have registered a company with cipc and i cant do anything with it, i need mentors and friends. So i need you guys to help me get ID, even if you pay for me at home affairs and the forklift training is R1000 for 2 weeks. 
I'm from a village in tzaneen, im currently in Gauteng province and its so hard to find a job and most of the time time i don't eat or have a place to stay. I will appreciate any help i can get, identify, a forklift training and job.

Thank you 

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