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The past few weeks had everyone adjusting their routine in a drastic and frantic manner. Making sure that our food supplies could deal with the impact of the Coronavirus was a top priority. Our crèche, Thabong Day Care Centre in Zola 25714 Magatya Street, Asanda Village, Strand. 

We were shocked to find out that 2 Feeding centers were closed down months ago which meant that there were No distribution points for Food in the area. We went to the Police who gave us permission to use our crèche’s grounds to distribute Donated items and to allow for a Soup Kitchen to operate from it. We were able to receive donations that have allowed us to give the Community much needed soup and bread for the past few days. Our feeding is costed at R350 pot of soup ( we normally make two pots), R10 x 120 loaves of brown bread, and Maize meal 12.5kg at R60( four bags if the budget accommodates for it ). 

Our first day +/-300 people got served soup and bread. It was overwhelming to see the Elderly, women, and children all come out to collect some warm soup. Clearly this was a sign that people are really hungry in this community and the frustration levels were increasing. The next day because so many people heard about our Soup Kitchen, the numbers literally doubled. Our resources are running up and that is why we are appealing to you for Funding to run our Soup Kitchen during these uncertain times and to add some relief to the already unbearable situation the Coronavirus has put us in. 

One of the ladies that assist us with the Feeding, said, “It feels as if the food is calming the people down”.


Donations to date

R 45 500.81

Fundraising target

R 40 000.00

Donor Messages

Thanks for all the hard work you are putting in!
Good Work Lee!
Margot Lesch
Lee, to you & your team, keep up the good work & your commitment to assisting others.
U are the hero's
Thankful to be able to help. 🇿🇦🇿🇦
Sent with lots of love ️
Lee and team - your giving of time and effort is the real sacrifice. I salute your generous and kind hearts.
Thank you for helping the community

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15 Jun 2020 R 368
23 May 2020 USD $ 30
21 May 2020 USD $ 75
21 May 2020 R 315
21 May 2020 USD $ 18