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Title: Help Thalente Biyela Skate to the 2024 Olympics

Hello, dear friends and supporters,

We're excited to introduce you to a remarkable individual, Thalente Biyela, who has been chasing his dream of representing his country and his love for skateboarding at the Olympic Games. Thalente's journey is one of incredible determination and resilience, and he needs our support to make his dream a reality.

Thalente's Background:
Thalente Biyela is not just your ordinary skateboarder; he's a passionate, dedicated, and incredibly talented athlete who's been pursuing his dream for years. Originally from South Africa, Thalente's journey in skateboarding began as a means of escaping a challenging and turbulent life on the streets. He turned his love for skateboarding into a powerful force, channeling his energy into something positive and life-changing. Skateboarding gave him purpose and hope when he needed it the most.

Thalente is not just another skateboarder; he's a rising star in the skateboarding world. He has been sponsored by some of the biggest brands in the industry, including Element Skateboards and Bones Wheels. Thalente's passion and talent have allowed him to travel the world, skateboarding with some of the biggest names in the sport. Recently, he placed 2nd in a local street skateboarding competition, showcasing his incredible skills and dedication to his craft.

Supporting the Skateboarding Community:
Thalente isn't just focused on his own success. He's deeply committed to giving back to his local skateboarding community. He runs "The Shred Skate School," a program that helps other rising stars reach their potential and grow their dreams of becoming pro skateboarders, just like him. Thalente's commitment to mentoring and guiding young talent is an essential part of his journey.

The Olympic Dream:
Thalente's ultimate dream is to represent South Africa in skateboarding at the Olympics. Skateboarding has been officially included in the Olympic program, and Thalente has an opportunity to compete at the Olympic Qualifier event in Sharjah, Dubai, in January 2024. This is a significant moment for him, and your support can make all the difference in helping him achieve this dream.

How You Can Help:
To make this dream a reality, Thalente needs funding for his trip to the Olympic Qualifier event in Sharjah, Dubai. This includes travel expenses, accommodation, competition fees, and training costs. We are seeking your support to raise $4000 R70.000 Β to ensure that Thalente can compete at his best and represent his country with pride.

Your generous contribution can help Thalente take the next step towards his Olympic dream and continue to support his local skateboarding community. By supporting him, you are not only helping an incredibly talented skateboarder but also inspiring others to chase their dreams, no matter the challenges they face.

Join us in supporting Thalente Biyela on his journey to the Olympics and in his mission to empower young skateboarders. Let's help him show the world that with determination, talent, and community support, anything is possible.

Your contribution can make a difference, no matter how big or small. Every dollar counts, and we appreciate your support in helping Thalente make history in the world of skateboarding while uplifting the dreams of others.

Thank you for being a part of Thalente's journey to the Olympics and for supporting his work with The Shred Skate School. Together, we can help him reach new heights and inspire countless others along the way. Skate on, Thalente!

Please donate, share this campaign with your friends and family, and let's help Thalente Biyela achieve his dream and continue to make a positive impact on the skateboarding community.

Let's skate to success in Dubai 2024 and empower future stars!


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R 70 000.00

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